Pro Bono Lawyers

Pro Bono Legal Attorney and Services

Pro Bono lawyers typically refers to work done for the public good. A attorney usually volunteers time, work and effort without payment or at a reduced fee. An attorney may offer free legal help ” Pro Bono ”  for various reasons but usually it is in recognition of that the client is unable to afford the legal services. Many attorneys offer free legal assistance for projects that are intended to serve the community. The American Bar Association recommends that an attorney volunteer approximately 20 hours a year to work. Smaller firms have been known to offer more “ProBono” services than larger law firms according to several studies focused on determining whether lawyers are giving back to the community. The American Bar Association Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service and also its initiative for “The Center for ProBono” are working towards requiring more hours from an attorney to serve the public good through increased “Pro Bono” requirements for newly admitted attorneys.